Law Enforcement and Military ISR

ISR, Less-Than-Lethal, Munitions Capable

ISR, Less-Than-Lethal, Munitions Capable

Wilcox Aero Drones
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Learn more about our wide array of services and our process from sketch to advanced product. Our team has the expertise to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Industrial Design

Our team of designers will bring your product to life through rapid sketching and 3-D computer modeling.

Mechanical Engineering

Our highly trained staff of mechanical engineers has extensive experience working with Pro/E Creo and Solidworks 3-D modeling software.

Electrical Engineering

Learn more about our Electrical Engineering capabilities.

Software Engineering

Learn how we can write custom software for any project.


Learn more about our various testing capabilities. Our machines are the latest in industry technology.

UAV Technology

Learn more about our award winning UAV's.


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We specialize in advanced composite solutions with quick turn-around times. Our team can take your idea from a sketch to final production.

Composite Molding

With single sided prototype molds, we can often minimize initial tooling costs by using alternatives to aluminium or steel.


In order to ensure the functionality of a design prior to production, we provide our clients with high-quality prototypes..

Material Science

We have materials that are up to two times more thermally and electrically conductive than copper.


Our ability to take your product from engineering to production allows us to effectively manage the schedule.

CNC Machining

Learn more about our CNC machining process and capabilities. Our machines are the latest in technology and industry standards.


See our growing list of products that include various solutions to complex problems using the latest in materials and technology.

What Makes Us Eco Friendly?

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At Rapid Composites we take pride in putting the environment first. We are committed to building a sustainable and true eco-friendly business model.